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Making sure that all your electrical equipment and devices are in good working order is something you should do regardless of whether you are a private individual or a business. Having a thorough check of you PC is no different from servicing your vehicle and our private investigators at Leicester Private Investigators can carry out this service for you.

Our PC forensic services can provide protection and regular health checks for all your PC's, lap tops and notebooks. At our private investigator agency we can check your machine for any spy or malware that could have been downloaded onto you device and if we find anything we will remove it.

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Searching for a private investigation agency with years of experience, dedication and willing to spend the extra time to get the evidence you deserve? Well, there is a business which has been around for many years, has made millions of happy clients, and continues to strive for excellence, it's called Leicester Private Investigators. We are in United Kingdom, Leicester with an excellent reputation that can't be compared with any other company within our profession. We are here to help solve problems whether they are big, small, difficult or easy. Dealing with such situations, not only helps us to give what our clients ask for, but allow us to build a strong bond between the company and client.

PC Forensics in Leicester

Before Leicester Private Investigators begin any task, given to us by our clients, we always collect as much information as needed which enables us to complete the task in a timely manner with 100% accuracy. After we gather the information we need, we then go into the private eye work to get the evidence our client is looking for. One of our most common situations is, stolen ideas taking place among members of staff. In other words, the Company believed that their ideas were being stolen by a member of their staff therefore, they hired our team of professional private investigators to find out what was going on. To find out how and why this person was stealing ideas, we monitored all the company's personal computers by installing monitoring software. This software is of high quality enabling us to watch every one's actions rather they are doing what they are suppose do, goofing off by playing games, etc from our own office. However, we did ask for permission, from management, to not tell any of the employees. As a result, this would help us catch the person in the act of stealing company ideas as well as have proof to prosecute.

During the process of monitoring all employees to see who might be copying the company's new ideas, to our surprise there was someone doing just that. After finding the evidence we needed we contacted management right away. Of course, they were enthusiastic due to the fact that they put their suspicious to rest and had enough evidence to convict this person of stealing. As they reviewed the evidence we provided, they hurriedly called the police. After the police arrived they gave their statements and asked the alleged person to leave their premises and to never return for the sake of the company's future. From there, they set a court date to get the justice their company deserves. Since then, they have become one of our regular clients, allowing us to build a strong business relationship mainly based of trust. While we continue to meet their and other expectations, we let them know that we are here for them when, for whatever the investigation purposes hold. Our clients feel that we have been more than just help, they believe that we play a vital role when it comes to saving their company's future.

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