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When making a will it is important to find out your true wealth. Over the years you may have acquired property or other assets that you may not be aware of or have forgotten about. This is where Leicester Private Investigators asset trace service comes as a great support to your efforts of finding all that belongs to you.

In this day and age with all the technology on offer there are many ways that an asset trace investigation can be carried out by our qualified and knowledgeable private detectives in Leicester. We have all the skills , equipment and dedication to find out all the assets that you have which will make your will writing go smoothly and you will be at ease in the knowledge that you know of all the assets you have acquired.

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Divorce is something no one ever thinks about considering when they marry their life partner. The process of divorce is known to become a, down right, difficult fight against the spouse at fault for the divorce. In other words, Depending on the situation, Divorce can become one's energy hogger. When walking down the path of divorce, things can get ugly really fast especially when they can not reach any agreement arrangements involving dividing assets by 50% without a judge's order. In many cases, there have been situations when a spouse try to hide assets from the other to avoid being ordered, by a judge, to give the other spouse part of the asset. However, there is a small percentage of people who get away with it leaving the other spouse with just a few pennies. So, what would you do if you where in this situation? How would you avoid this from happening to you? The answers will mentioned in the information provided below.

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Before we begin answering your question, you should know that hiding assets from your spouse and court system is illegal and will lead to possible serious jail time as well as being ordered to give more than half your assets. Due to the deceit most marriages grasp, the crime of hiding assets becomes over looked leading to more problems in the future. So if you do find yourself in this situation before the divorce is official it is best to look into a private investigator business. Thanks to our Leicester Private investigator services this problem while no longer exists with the experience and knowledge we have to help you get what you deserve. When it comes to tracing assets back to your spouse, you will be amaze at what we find. Rather the asset occurred through inheritance or earned in a different city, state, or country believe or not we will find it. Like every other investigation we take part in, we always ask question about the situation before actually doing anything. This process helps us get a better understanding on how your spouse operates as well as gives us a better idea on where to begin investigation for hidden assets. On the other hand, it is vital to tell us everything you know to make this process as smooth as possible.

As top Private Investigators, we take our services and clients very serious by putting ourselves in our client's shoes while utilizing our top quality investigator tools and database beyond the best of our abilities. As stated before, all relevant information given to us helps create a smooth yet efficient investigation. If it comes to a point where we find monies/ assets that our client does not have any recognition about, then we document each asset while delivering as much proof as possible which will obviously help our clients' case in court. When it comes to serving our clients with the best quality results, the information we gather by using our techniques will astound you.

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